Thank you so much for such an inspiring and uplifting shamanic writing workshop last night. Today, I have felt very happy and grounded in my power! :) I so loved the way that you combined meditation, dance, writing, shamanic journeying and discussion into the workshop. I loved your introduction, the way we danced a word and your powerful shamanic drumming and journey. Thank you!

Written by Nicole | (Shamanic Poetry Class)

One of my students, Tracey, wrote a beautiful article about her Journey through Dance experience that was published in an online Magazine this month (Dec 2014). Click here to read article.

I am still glowing and full of energy! Thank you again for providing such an amazing journey. I loved every second and am still processing a lot of things that came up.

Written by Wendy | (Chakra Balancing Class)

Over the years, I have attended a number of Journey Through Dance classes offered by Leigh. Leigh continues to hold a gentle – yet powerful supportive space for her clients and students – no matter where you find yourself at the time. I love the balance of personal reflection and movement that she offers through her workshops and classes. I sincerely hope you get to experience it for yourself. Thank you Leigh!

Written by Meryl

I have attended many of Leigh’s sessions and have benefited greatly from them. Her passion for what she is doing and her attitude of openness puts me at ease and in the safe environment she creates, I feel able to participate freely without pressure or judgement. After each session, I have felt that something important for me has been uncovered. I am in awe of their transformative power and intend to continue with them.

Written by Tehzeen

Thank you so much for your two beautiful workshops yesterday! I actually do not have the right words to express what I went through

Written by Milu | (Releasing the Old & What is my Life's Purpose)

It really was a beautiful class...in a beautiful space... and had some amazing insights through it, which I think are still integrating:) would definitely do it again:)

Written by Tracey | (Four Elements Class)

It was really amazing. I totally forgot how much I love dancing. It was so amazing to just be me and let my hair down. Cant wait for the next one.

Written by Melissa | (Wild Woman Class)

I have felt more connected to my authentic self this week. Having had so much quality time dancing in my true essence, I had the chance to embody that feeling and keep it with me. The more I master this practice, the more I can help others do the same, and. Can see it happening around me this week. I can also feel that when I'm like this, all judgements, towards myself and others, fall away, and love flows so much more abundantly through and towards me.

Written by Maree | (Wild Woman Class)

Thank you once again for a lovely morning, I haven't been out in ages and moving my body dancing and just letting go was just what I needed. I have definitely managed to let go of some of my blockages … I definitely feel a lot lighter and free.

Written by Nicole | (Third-Eye Chakra Dance Class)

I feel lighter and feel like the stress has left my body, I feel like a new girl

Written by Elaine | (Fire Element Dance Class)

I so enjoyed the "Journey Through Dance" workshop which - as I said on the day - I found very liberating and it was wonderful to just be so free and unrestricted just flowing with the music whichever way it took one. I felt very energised and positive for the rest of the day.

Written by Gill | (Awakening & Empowering the Feminine Class)

The class was a real eye opener on how I feel about being a woman. I realised that I feel disempowered as a woman, so now I'm on a mission to take back my power! I decided to dress more feminine and only wore skirts and dresses all week. I really enjoyed it and got great feedback! Thank you for a wonderful class!

Written by Ronel | (Awakening & Empowering the Feminine Class)

Hi Leigh, just another huge thank you for that mind-blowing awesome liberating class yesterday! I enjoyed so very much, and I can feel the benefit of the journey I went through in those few hours!

Written by Marché | (Fire Element Dance Class)

It made a huge impact....getting me to access my tears – and show my vulnerability in a public space, which is something I find hard to do even in my private space. And, I've been feeling soooo much better.

Written by Lerie | (Throat Chakra Dance Class)

The insights I gained from Sunday are still with me, most especially the importance of keeping an upright open posture, it's difficult to be negative or down when you push back the shoulders and open your heart.

Written by Elaine | (Female Empowerment Dance Class)

I liked that it wasn't all dancing that it varied from information about the throat chakra, to sound chanting, to exercise, all this I feel opened me up to healing at a higher/faster pace.

As soon as you started your meditation, I felt emotional and through the whole process I felt my heart expand. I know I brought alot of stuff up to be healed and I had not realized how much I had not spoken my truth and it was affecting me. I had no idea how much I needed to release and it caught me totally by surprise.

The space I was given and the people that was there was amazing - thank you xx

Written by Diane | (Throat Chakra Dance Class)

I really enjoyed the class, thank you very much. The music was lovely, I felt safe and not like I am being judged at all.

Written by Sunell | (Throat Chakra Dance Class)

I joined the Chakra Dancing classes in the hope of finding some way to de-stress from the pressures I was feeling at work.  I was not at all sure what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised!

Leigh is friendly and relaxed and made me feel totally welcome and at ease.  Each class is different but is made up of the same elements - music you can feel, space to dance however you like and wonderful moments to block everything out and focus just on yourself.

After each class, I have walked out of the room feeling relaxed and rejuvinated and each class takes me a little closer to knowing myself better.  Every week I look forward to the next session - my aim is to feel the way I do during the class, all the time!

Written by Kyla-Jane | (Chakra Balancing Class)

After the first class I attended (heart chakra), I felt a sense of relief and excitement which made me want to come back for the next class. I felt more connected to myself after the second class (throat) and very relaxed. The third class which focussed on the four elements (air, fire, water, earth) was very different to the previous two and left me feeling confused, energised, aware and relaxed all in a way to understand myself better. I found myself concentrating on my feelings at certain times and emotions after the classes and reasons why I feel or react a certain way.

I started these classes as a way to connect my mind and body better, and it certainly is helping. It covers so many angles from movement to emotions and feelings to relaxation. I know there is a lot still to learn and I'm very excited to do more classes.

Written by Carmen | (Chakra Balancing Class)

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