Leigh Goodman, Dance Facilitator

I was a very creative child; I was somewhat shy and spent a lot of time on my own. My passion for music, rhythm and dance began in early childhood where I spent most of my spare time dancing ballet, which I did for 10 years, and playing the piano, which I did for 13 years. Looking back on myself as a child, I realize now that I didn’t express myself very well. I stuttered severely and that caused me to not have much self-confidence. Later on in life, that changed and things developed as they do!

My First Spiritual Awakening

Typically, if you are on a healing and spiritual path, there is a moment when you first “Wake up”.
In 2003, I had my Spiritual Awakening, or you might want to call it my “wake-up”. I was never the same again. I started looking at the world differently and realized there is a lot more than meets the “eye”. I began to be conscious of “More”.

It started off with Crystals, Mind-Body connection and regular meditation classes led by my first teacher, Dora, where I learned, amongst hundreds of others things, the power of opening up your heart.

I began to open up to many new aspects of spiritually, metaphysics, shamanism and mind-body awareness. Since then I have been on a deep journey of self-exploration and self-healing. I have been very fortunate to have studied and learned from many great spiritual teachers over the last 13 years, which has led me down a deeply spiritual, shamanic and healing path.

My Recent Trip to Asia (March to August 2017)

After taking a break from teaching for almost 2 years, I have come back from my trip to the East with a far greater understanding of who I am and what I can offer. More to write soon..... In the meantime feel free to read my blog: Asia Unfolding


After school, I didn’t dance for 6 years; except in nighclubs. In 2005 I went to live in London, where a whole world of Dance opened up for me!

This came through in two very different ways. I discovered partner dancing - a beatutful dance called Zouk Lambada. I started the classes and fell immediately inlove with the dance. I ended up becoming a teacher and was teaching in London and Cape Town for many years.

Then towards the end of my time in London, I discovered something very new to me - A Goddess Dance Circle for Women that I attended for 4 months. This was the class that inspired me to teach, and to combine healing and dance. This has been an evolving journey which has resulted in Journey through Dance.

Writing, Art and Channeling

In 2008 I began creating a Card Pack. I didn’t think that it would take me so long to complete it, but I finally completed it 8 years later! The card pack is called Medicine for the Soul. These cards represent various themes and facets of shamanic medicine; ranging from chakras to the four elements, to totem animals through to practical spiritual concepts.

The creation of this card pack made me aware of another offering that I can give. From this realization, a new course emerged that I am now offering which is called Shamanic Poetry.

Working with Children

Since 2006, I have had a strong intuition and knowing that I need to work with Children. In 2012, I volunteered with EarthChild for a year, where I taught dance and movement classes to a group of children in a school in Lavender Hill. This was so rewarding and I loved every minute of it!

I have had interaction with children every now and again during my time facilitating classes, but it was only now in 2017 that the strong pull to take this further has launched me to start my first children’s class - Soul Expression for Kids.

Sound and Shamanic Drumming

For many years I have been exploring Sound in various ways. I received my first shamanic drum in 2015 and since then Sound, Singing and Drumming have played a more prominent role in my healing work.

More about Leigh Goodman:

  • Leigh Goodman was born 1981 in Cape Town
  • Has been facilitating conscious movement / dance classes since 2009
  • Taught classes in Joburg, Cape Town and in the Philippines
  • Completed a one year course of shamanic and dance healing training with Caroline Carey
    (The Hollow Bone Gathering)
  • Completed level 1 and 2 of Reiki
  • Studied energetic bodywork and reflexology
  • Studied and learned under spiritual teacher & sound healer Dora Dias for more than 12 years
  • Taken part in over 10 movement medicine intensive workshops with Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan - Creators of Movement Medicine, as well as other workshops held by Caroline Carey
  • Attended many courses and workshops with Joshua Maree where she has learned, amongst many other things, to work extensively with crystals and shamanic practices.
  • Completed various psychic development & shamanic courses with Claire Creighton
  • Completed 4 Vippassana’s (10 days of silence)
  • Has had various singing lesson training, in Cape Town and London
  • In 2010, Leigh held a space at the Feel Good Expo at the CTICC
  • In 2011, Leigh appeared in Marie Claire Magazine
  • In 2012, Leigh volunteered with EarthChild for a year, where she taught dance and movement classes to a group of school children (ages 7 – 10) in Lavender Hill
  • In 2013, Leigh appeared in Wellness Warehouse Magazine
  • In 2013, Leigh appeared in Odyssey Magazine
  • In 2013, Leigh participated in One Billion Rising Event where she facilitated a space of movement and dance on the Sea Point Promenade
  • In 2013, Leigh received the Munay Ki Rites & teacher Level Training
  • In 2014, Leigh appeared in an online magazine called Flat White Concepts Magazine
  • In 2016, Leigh gave a talk to a group of teenagers on the subject of inspiration and motivation
  • In 2016, Leigh launched her first Card Pack – Medicine for the Soul
  • In 2017, Leigh  completed one month martial arts training in China, where she learned various practices including meditation, Tai chi, Qi gong and Kung Fu
  • In 2017, Leigh completed an intensive 5 five day Inner Dance Energy School workshop with Pi Villaraza in the Philippines


"My journey has shown me that utilising dance and movement can be profoundly healing for so many parts of myself. It has helped me to make friends with my body. It has helped me to be open to more than I could have dreamt before. It has helped me with my posture, self-expression and confidence. It has helped me break free of old belief systems, mind patterns and negative emotions".

Written by Leigh

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