Medicine for the Soul Card Deck

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Shamanic Card Deck containing 50 cards
Created by Leigh Goodman


These cards represent various themes and facets of shamanic medicine; ranging from chakras to the four elements, to totem animals through to practical spiritual concepts.

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I often keep card decks on me during classes, so please feel free to buy one from me at one of my classes or workshops!

Medicine for the Soul Testimonials

"Wow, these are beautiful! I love the design, use of dominant bold color, simple illustration, and clean lines. Very elegant! Along with the messages, very powerful " Chery

"I was blessed with one of your beautiful, Medicine for the Soul, packs. And I do use it very often for myself and always during Ceremonies.  This pack holds so much Magic and Truth and Love for every single person that draws a card.  It has been spot on for everyone that I do work with.  Even in setting an intention for a healing session, or during Ceremony or just on a quick personal level. 

I thank you for the true blessing of this pack!!!! For she brings Clarity and Hope and Joy and Awe and Gratitude and Relieve and Release for everyone who touches her. " Chandré

"I have a set and they are amazing - they tap into exactly what is needed. And they are magic  Held a workshop which involved going on a shamanic drum journey. Everyone who took a card drew their animal guide that they had connected to during the journey - so special." Robyn

"I love the cards - so beautiful. And they speak to me, which is the most important part." Pia

"I am an enjoying every second working with your cards. And I have been sharing it with friends, in circle, and the messages have been profound. So thank you for birthing this beautiful pack!!" Chandré

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