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Finding your Truth

Through Movement, Meditation and Dance


If you truth had an expression, what would that look like?
If your truth could dance freely, how would he / she move?

A good question to ask is:
"What is my Truth Now?

What your Truth was 5 years ago is often not what it is now - especially if you are evolving quite rapidly!

The Truth within us we don't always want to see.

Truth is connected to the Heart Chakra. We need that Chakra opened up in order for us to access our Truth.

It's covered up usually by our fears, unhealthy patterns and wounds.

In order to reveal more Truth, we are going to take a deep journey within to heal, release and transform what no longer serves us - so that we can SEE more clearly.

In this class, I will be taking you on a deep conscious dance journey into the depths of your TRUTH. We use movement; our bodies; our intuitive wisdom from within... to help us remember. To support us to come back to an embodied integrated Self. From that space, we can go out into the world with more confidence, knowing, trust and direction!

The more we can embody Truth, the quicker we are aligning with our soul purpose. Manifestations will happen faster.

Are you ready to be more aligned with your Truth?

Cost: R180 | $USD12
Payments via EFT for South Africans or Paypal

Recordings will be available!
Bookings required -


Male Warrior & Female Guardian

Unlocking the gifts of our Divine Masculine & Feminine


Inside of each us, lives a male and a female consciousness, that strives for balance.

The male is the protector, the warrior, the fighter, the one that takes action and gets things done. This male energy is vital for our survival and our life here on earth. For he takes our dreams, our wonder, our vision; and he turns into reality. He carries the power and energy of the Warrior.

The female consciousness is the burning light inside our hearts that says... "this way, this way....". She is our intuition, our wisdom, our gentleness and our feelings.

She is the guardian of our deepest desires, our deepest imagination, and a deep knowingness that often can’t be explained, but only felt.

In this workshop we will be opening the space to feel and work with these two aspects of ourselves with the intention of bringing more balance, more understanding, more compassion and more life-giving energy into them so that we can transform and become a more balanced human being.

Intentions for this class:

  • Divine Union between Masculine & Feminine
  • To bring balance to these aspects of Self
  • To bring healing and release to these aspects of Self
  • To welcome. embrace & embody more healthy Feminine Energy
  • To welcome. embrace & embody more healthy Masculine Energy
  • To understand more about what we need in our lives to continue receiving more balance

Live Class on Zoom: Thursday 9th July:   7 - 8:45pm (SA Time)

Cost: R180 | $USD12
Payments via EFT for South Africans or Paypal

Recordings will be available!
To book, please send an email to Leigh:


Connecting to the Wild Women (Females only)


Bringing back your Feminine Power by activating your Wild Woman through Journey through Dance and our own intuitive bodies' wisdom.

Who is your wild woman?

Is she courageous, sacred, wise, playful, fast, slow, still or strong?

In this class you will go on a journey deep within yourself to discover that part of you that is calling to the Wild. This part of you who might express (but not limited to) through courage, playfulness, freedom, great perception or divine feminine power...

We are all unique and therefore each of our Wild Woman expresses in a different way.

This space will support you to bring you back to yourself, to your Gifts, to your Purpose and to your Power!

This is an opportunity to just be yourself, to allow the core of yourself to express, to let go and be the woman you were born to be!

Live Class on Zoom: Thursday 23rd July: 7 - 8:45pm (SA Time)

Cost: R180 | $USD12
Payments via EFT for South Africans or Paypal

To book, please send an email to Leigh:




SOUND creates MUSIC which creates
which creates
which creates MANIFESTATION

Journey through dance is an exploration of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical connection to the body, mind and spirit through dance, movement and meditation. It incorporates shamanism, deep healing, free-movement through self-expression, intention, manifestation and allows for a space to release and to move energy to where it is appropriate.

Journey through Dance classes offer a space for healing, transformation, connection, release and exploration within.

Building a strong a connection to ourselves
and others - to balance, energise and birth the creative, heart-filled potential that we all
have inside.

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