About Conscious Dance & Movement

How we dance reflects the way we live and connect with others. How we live and connect with others reflects our dance.

So how is your dance? How are you moving in life? Are you wanting to change certain aspects of your life? Are you sitting with deep emotions that no longer serve you? Perhaps it;s time to move them and ultimately let them go and transform them. Anything is possible through the Dance.

Journey through dance is a conscious dance or movement practice which offers a space for healing, release, inspiration, expansion and transformation. Through intuitive movement, we allow our bodies to connect to the subject of the class –  to discover, awaken, heal and transform a particular aspect of self.

The purpose is to build a stronger connection with ourselves and others, to balance mind, heart and body and to energise and birth the creative, heart-filled potential that we all have inside.

Dancing is about connection. Connection with yourself and the connection with others, In a time when there is so much disconnection, dance is a wonderful universal tool to help us to connect more deeply.

We are all gifted with a full spectrum of offerings and potentials. Through these classes, we can slowly begin to piece ourselves back together so that we have the full knowing of who we are and why we are here.

Classes may assist in letting go of negative emotions, stagnant energy, pain, anger, stress and trauma. Through dancing our emotional blockages and original wounding’s, we invite a space for releasing of the “Old” and the emerging of our true self.

Benefits of the classes

  • Healing on all levels (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually)
  • Releasing emotional blockages, trauma, stress, wounds, old belief systems and low frequency energies
  • Balances the Chakras
  • Promotes healing and increased physical well-being
  • Promotes greater mental and emotional clarity
  • Deeper connection to ones body, mind and spirit
  • Increased spiritual connection
  • Unblocks your energetic body and chakra system allowing your life force energy to circulate more freely
  • It elevates your mood, helping to heal stress and depression and is a force for artistic expression, personal growth and healing
  • It is a wonderful way to make friends with yourself and to socialise in a friendly fun-filled setting
  • Balancing the Male and Female Aspects
    (yin / yang energies) inside of us
  • Openinhg of the heart
  • Promotes self-expression and creativity
  • Increases vitality and confidence
  • Promotes self expression and creativity

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