Innerchild Embodiment Workshop

Saturday14th May

Restoring your Inner Child Connection is a potent approach for reconciling hidden parts of ourselves!

Teacher Training 2022

Online and In-Person Training

This training is catered to not only teach you techniques and tools to become a movement and conscious dance facilitator, but it has been created to help facilitate deep healing, the awakening of your purpose, your essence and the true Teacher inside of you.

Healing through Dance

Journey through Dance is an experience of body, mind and soul coming together in conscious movement, sound and creative expression. When we listen to our bodies and allow the dance or movement or sound to come from a place of intuition and trust, we have the opportunity to connect deeply with our soul, our inner-child, our purpose and our essence.

The purpose of these classes, sessions or trainings, is for you to experience freedom, release, a shift in consciousness, joy, surrender, truth, healing and transformation; taking you into places that you might have forgotten, so that you can access your true potential and inner spirit.

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